Hot Coffee CMS

Hot Coffee CMS is a simple CMS written in PHP that does not require any additional element occupies only 4 kb.


The project Hot Coffee CMS stems from a personal need: To be able to create and manage easily and in no time the sites that were accessible, functional and aesthetically attractive.

CSS has made great strides in the web, enriching it with new aesthetic possibilities and techniques, but at the same time the social networks and new navigational tools (cell phones, smartphones, tablets ...) have changed the rules of the whole 'environment internett: If the first site "beautiful" was as complete as possible and extended, now what is sought is an essential and fast site to visit, in which the information is proposed in an elegant and with the shortest waiting times and the lower data traffic as possible.

Hot Coffee CMS allows to have all this.
Starting with a theme in CSS static, makes it a complete and functional website in a few kb of code that does not affect the wait times and the amount of data downloaded via web.

On this basis I added tools, basic and very simple, which allow you to expand the functionality and interactivity with Hot Coffee CMS, then without excluding the possibility to integrate it with existing scripts.

Born to a personal need but maybe it can also be useful to other people and that's why i released, free and open source, on the web.


The script does not require installation, just upload the files on the web space automatically and the site to work. On the home page of the site is necessary to have:

hotcoffeecms.php - The script file
index.php - The index of the site
Home.php - The start page

Preparation index.php

The fastest way to create a site with CMS Hot Coffee is download any theme CSS on the web and change the index.
It is not difficult also because most of the time the issues are well commented and the use of CSS makes them easy to read.
Nell'index.php must do only three changes:

The menus are created using the <ul> and </ul>, between these tags will find the menu items between the <li> and </li>. Delete the part of the <li> and </li> and add:

<? $cmspagina = "0"; includes "hotcoffeecms.php"; /?>

Left Block
Same procedure for the blocks, go between the <ul> and </ul> which lists the blocks left and add:

<? $cmspagina = "1"; includes "hotcoffeecms.php"; ?>

Content page
The content of the page is intramente replace with:

<? $cmspagina = "2"; includes "hotcoffeecms.php"; ?>

Right blocks
The right blocks found their tag <ul> and </ul> and replace them with the:

<? $cmspagina = "3"; includes "hotcoffeecms.php"; ?>

Of course you can then customize static content as you like, changing titles and parts of the page that the script does not use.
Save the file and load everything on your web space. The site is ready.

The pages

Any php file that we're going to load on the web space will be automatically recognized and indexed by Hot Coffee CMS as a new page of the site, the provision in the menu will be in alphabetical order.

In addition to the main pages, listed in the menu, you can add all sub-pages that we need, just add the suffix -none in their name. For example, to leave the content of contacts.php reachable from another page, but not linked menu, rename the file to Contacts-none.php and we link the page "index.php?pag=Contacts-none" to reach page.

Example of a file home.php:

<H2> Title of home! </H2>
<H3> A simple example page. </H3>
<P> Here the content of the page! </P>

Similarly, you can create a "symbolic link" to any external resource, creating a page with this content:

Redirecting to
<Script> location.href = '' </script>

We will have a page that refers to the address specified by us (in the Coffee CMS).
So we can also integrate external and create a menu item that points to another site...

The blocks

The blocks are common elements to the side of all pages.
The script recognizes as blocks of the left column files ending in -sx.php and right column files ending in -dx.php.

Example of a block of the left-sx.php Contacts:

<H2> Contacts </h2>
<P> </p>

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